Taking care of locs includes ensuring they remain healthy and moisturized.

Dryness is a common problem with natural hair especially with locs.

Curly and coily hair requires double the amount of hydration and moisturization compared to straight hair.


Here's 5 hair hacks to nourish and fortify your locs!


  1. Get a shampoo that's loc-friendly and ready for action. Weak shampoos can rob your hair of its natural oils, leaving dry locs behind. Seek out sulfate-free and residue-free formulas made specifically for locs. These will cleanse your hair without drying it out.
  2. Revive your locs by deep conditioning. Regular conditioners may cause buildup, but there are treatments specifically designed for locs to restore moisture. For a natural option, try coconut or olive oil.
  3. Spray with water and oil: Spray daily using a mixture of water and a few drops of exhilarating essential oils like lavender, tea tree, or rosemary to keep your locs hydrated. Avoid too much oil to prevent buildup.

  4. Minimize heat dryness is not good for your locs. Reduce the use of blow dryers and, if necessary, utilize a diffuser attachment and the lowest heat setting. Whenever feasible, let your hair dry naturally.

  5. To keep your locs healthy, be mindful at bedtime. Cotton pillowcases may absorb the natural oils from your hair, causing dryness. Opt for a silk or satin pillowcase, or wrap your locs in a silk or satin scarf or bonnet for better moisture retention.

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